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We are a volunteer group of local homeowners and residents of the Sunnyhills neighborhood who are actively working to improve our neighborhood, and thus the city of Milpitas, through positive activities and programs.

SNA Board of Director members include (left to right) President Bill Ferguson, Treasurer Melanie Lewert, Vice-President Zeya Mohsin, Secretary Rob Means, and Member At Large Guy Haas.

I support PRT

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PRT Pilot Project

Long-Term Project: PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) to BART ===>
SNA sees the benefit of an advanced transit system that connects Sunnyhills with the BART transit hub.
We could start with a PRT Pilot Project followed by PRT First Loop.

Mission Statment

[From the Articles of Incorporation]
The Sunnyhills Neighborhood Association in Milpitas, California, is formed for these purposes:
1) to provide instruction in civic responsibility and community service;
2) to enhance and support education to local residents in art, music, and science;
3) to sponsor activities and public performances which enhance the quality of life for all residents in the area;
4) to sponsor special events and public gatherings to promote a sense of community well-being and cohesion;
5) to sponsor and conduct activities and social gatherings which bridge cultural gaps between different ethnic and cultural segments of the community.


See the "rules of the road" for Sunnyhills Neighborhood Association by clicking here.

Become a member!

Annual dues are only $20/year and tax-deductible due to our non-profit status. To use PayPal, click the logo below and send your contribution to contribute@SunnyhillsNeighborhood.org

or mail a check to SNA, 1421 Yellowstone Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035-6913

The Sunnyhills neighborhood is bounded by:
  • City limits/Buskirk on the north
  • Jacklin Road on the south
  • N Milpitas Blvd on the west
  • Hwy 680 on the east

We meet in Jones Hall, the room offered for community use by the Sunnyhills United Methodist Church, 355 Dixon Road (across from Weller School playground). All Milpitas residents are invited to attend our meetings and events. See calendar for schedule.


A great way to help SNA with a few hours
is by helping deliver our newsletters
(2 or 3 times a year) to your neighborhood.
To learn more, e-mail us your contact information,
and our newsletter coordinator will call/e-mail you.

Sunnyhills Neighborhood Association, 1421 Yellowstone Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035-6913, 408-262-0420, info@SunnyhillsNeighborhood.org