LoopWorks - Type B (Benefit) Corporation

Developer of Proposed Dual-loop BART Circulator Project

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LoopWorks will build an advanced transit system in the Milpitas Transit area to provide free, safe and convenient rides around the area for residents, workers and visitors. Our team of highly-qualified Board members includes an entrepreneur, 2 financial experts, the world's foremost PRT technology expert, and professionals bringing high-tech corporate experience and deep community connections. This combination will power this project to completion within 5 to 7 years, and make Milpitas an international attraction.

LoopWorks will lead the effort to build a locally owned and operated PRT Mini-Loop to serve the BART/VTA Transit Center, Great Mall, proposed grocery store, park/school, and housing across Capital Avenue from the Transit Center. Success there will be followed by a second loop that includes 7 more stations. Major design decisions shall be guided by Milpitas residents, civic and business groups, and the various property owners, including the City. Capital costs for design, construction and testing is expected from foundations and government agencies with an interest in reducing CO2 emissions and/or supporting transit usage and equity. The goal of free PRT service for Milpitas residents will require on-going Operations & Maintenance (O&M) financing from stakeholders and advertisers, not riders.

Existing resources include:
  • A poster that outlines the project (stations, routing, appearance, project data). See below.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding was delivered to the City Council on March 19, 2019.
  • A hardware design selected due to its small size, low price, and no copyright issues (due to public domain rules).
  • A Business Plan developed by PRT company Intelligent Transportation Network System (ITNS) is being revised to become the LoopWorks Business Plan.
  • A Trello board for the project has been started that anyone can read.
  • An introductory Slide Presentation for residents and local businesses (PDF format, 8 pages).

LoopWorks, 1421 Yellowstone Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035-6913, 408-262-0420, info@SunnyhillsNeighborhood.org