LoopWorks - Type B (Benefit) Corporation

Developer of Proposed Dual-loop BART Circulator Project

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LoopWorks will build an advanced transit system around the Milpitas BART station to provide convenient, quick and safe rides for residents, workers and visitors. Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) is convenient because you simply go to the station, get in the cab that is awaiting you, and go! PRT is quick because it goes non-stop to your destination. That non-stop feature makes it quicker than using you own car. And it is safe because, like your own car, you decide who rides with you. Because it is so easy to use, everyone can ride it.

Our team of highly-qualified Board members played various roles in high-tech companies. It includes an entrepreneur, 2 financial experts, the world's foremost PRT technology expert, and long-term residents who have deep community connections. This combination of experience and skills will power this project to completion within 5 to 7 years, and make Milpitas an international attraction.

LoopWorks will lead the effort to build a locally owned and operated PRT Mini-Loop to serve the BART/VTA Transit Center, Great Mall, proposed grocery store, park/school, and housing across Capital Avenue from the Transit Center. Success there will be followed by a second loop that includes 7 more stations. Major design decisions shall be guided by Milpitas residents, civic and business groups, and the various property owners, including the City. Capital costs for design, construction and testing is expected from foundations and government agencies with an interest in reducing CO2 emissions and/or supporting transit usage and equity. The goal of free PRT service for Milpitas residents will require on-going Operations & Maintenance (O&M) financing from stakeholders and advertisers, not riders.

Advanced Transit:
project description of
PRT Mini-Loop and
BART Circulator

With the successful completion of this dual-loop system, extensions are expected that may ultimately cover most of the city. Regardless, this small PRT project will draw international attention to the City and its leaders. If you want to put Milpitas on the map in a good way, support this project.

Existing resources include:

LoopWorks, 1421 Yellowstone Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035-6913, 408-262-0420, info@SunnyhillsNeighborhood.org