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SNA Board of Director members include (left to right) President Bill Ferguson, Treasurer Melanie Lewert, Vice-President Zeya Mohsin, Secretary Rob Means, and Member At Large Guy Haas.

Board Members

President - Bill Ferguson

Continuous Board service since 1996.

Bill works as an Information Technology Manager with 211bayarea.org, a free, confidential and multi-lingual phone number (211) that connects people to community services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He has also served as a Consumer Affairs Commissioner for Santa Clara County and President of the non-profit advocacy group Jubilee USA Network. Bill is involved in various grassroots community-building efforts including the Democratic Central Committee and Sierra Club member

Vice-President - Zeya Mohsin

Continuous Board service since 2002.

"Hello! My name is Zeya Mohsin. I have been serving on the SNA board since 2002. It has been a great honor and great fun to have the opportunity to work with the current board. Together we all worked on many projects for the betterment of Milpitas. My family and I love the community of Milpitas and dearly appreciate our city."

Zeya’s past and current community involvement roles include:

  • Vice Chair, Bicycle Transportation Commission
  • Vice Chair, Park and Recreations Commission
  • Member, Economic Development Commission.
  • Member, Energy Task Force, which explored ways of fulfilling the energy needs of the city in relation to the limited supply of natural fuel and resources.
  • Member, Planning Commission of the City of Milpitas, which oversees new developments, including the new library and senior center plans.

Treasurer - Melanie Lewert

Continuous Board service since 1994.

Secretary - Rob Means

Continuous Board service since 1994.

After a 20-year career in computer programming, Mr. Means left corporate America in 1992 to work on community-oriented projects. In addition to long-term involvement in the Sunnyhills Neighborhood Association and Electro Ride Bikes and Scooters, Mr. Means has spearheaded three annual Bike and Roller Fests, spent years working for the recently completed Hetch-Hetchy linear park, and got the ball rolling for the creekside trails being constructed in Milpitas.

At-Large Board Member - Guy Haas

Continuous Board service since 1996.

In addition to devoting his time to SNA, Mr. Haas also is a Board member of, and active in, the Sunnyhills United Methodist Church which has been a neighborhood resource since opening its doors in the 50's.

Previous Board Members

Among our previous Board members are City Councilwoman Carmen Montano (2012- ), Neil Mackenzie, Herb Holloway, Allison McDonald, Barbara Rudolph, and others.

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Pursuant to Article 12, section 1 of the corporation's Bylaws, rights of members shall include:
1) Notice of all regular, special, and annual meetings, plus notice of any committee meetings in which they have expressed interest.
2) Copies of any newsletters or other publications of the organization, plus requested copies of any other documents of the organization.
3) The right to vote at all general meetings and the right to vote on any sub-committees that they join.
4) The right to offer motions germane to the group and have those motions given a fair hearing before the assembled membership.

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