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We are a volunteer group of local homeowners and residents of the Sunnyhills neighborhood who are actively working to improve our neighborhood, and thus the city of Milpitas, through positive activities and programs.

Projects Currently Underway

[See our list of previous accomplishments.]

The SNA community works together over extended periods of time on three primary projects.

  • Community Breakfast - The breakfast, a 50-year old tradition in Milpitas, is sponsored by the Sunnyhills Neighborhood Association. Breakfast is free (donations requested). All Milpitas residents and business owners are invited to attend and participate. The Milpitas Community Breakfast occurs the first (non-holiday) Saturday of the month except July and August. For more information, email info@sunnyhillsneighborhood.org.

  • Halloween Party - This family-friendly annual event is a great opportunity to meet your neighbors, and to give our children a chance to show off their costumes. Adults can come in costume too!

  • Scholarship for a Milpitas High School Senior to support their pursuit of higher education.

  • Recognition of the Sunnyhills development as the first successful planned interracial community in the USA.

Check Request Form

Sometimes members spend their own money on SNA projects. To get a refund, print our check request form, fill it in, and send it to our Treasurer at treasurer@SunnyhillsNeighborhood.org.

Become a member!

Annual dues are only $20/year and tax-deductible due to an IRS non-profit status letter. To use PayPal, click Donate below to send your contribution.

or print our membership form and mail a check to SNA, 1421 Yellowstone Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035-6913
Pursuant to Article 12, section 1 of the corporation's Bylaws, rights of members shall include:
1) Notice of all regular, special, and annual meetings, plus notice of any committee meetings in which they have expressed interest.
2) Copies of any newsletters or other publications of the organization, plus requested copies of any other documents of the organization.
3) The right to vote at all general meetings and the right to vote on any sub-committees that they join.
4) The right to offer motions germane to the group and have those motions given a fair hearing before the assembled membership.

Sunnyhills Neighborhood Association, 1421 Yellowstone Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035-6913, 408-262-0420, info@SunnyhillsNeighborhood.org